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All to Him I Owe

    I laid awake gripped with fear and anxiety about my future. I am in so much debt that there is no way I could ever pay it all back on my salary. I am not even sure how I am going to meet my basic necessities. I cried out to to God, because I need someone to save … Continue reading


I am in a conditioning class: God is my trainer. However, I didn’t volunteer for it, because He knows I hate exercise. But He has been relentless about building up my “patience muscle” lately. I’ve been in a waiting mode for some things to happen lately that simply can’t be rushed. They will be complete when … Continue reading

Spaghetti Jar Service

Whenever I come to the end of a jar of spaghetti sauce an internal war rises up within me. To keep or not keep? It’s like HGTV and Hoarders are duking it out on my shoulders. HGTV is the good angel and wants me to be clutter-free. Hoarders is the bad angel and tempts me … Continue reading

You Can’t Take it With You

I like to hunt. There is something about capturing your prey and taking it home that thrills me. However, I don’t hunt in the woods. I hunt at garage sales hoping to find a bargain on something I want or need. Occasionally, I will shop at an estate sale. So far they’ve all been similar. … Continue reading

Arming Our Kids with Scripture not Guns

My last post, A Scatterbrain’s Guide to Memorizing Scripture, was focused on how adults with memory issues, such as myself, can memorize Scripture. This week I promised to give tips to help kids memorize Scripture too. I teach Sunday school and AWANA at my church, but I am always seeking to improve my skills. I … Continue reading


I was pleasantly surprised that #WhoIsJesus is trending on Twitter as I write this blog. Jesus asked a similar question recorded in three of the four gospels, excluding the book of John. He asked His disciples, “Who do people say that I am?” (Mark 8:27). Jesus wasn’t having an identity crisis. I believe He was … Continue reading

To Sow and not to Sew

I have a sewing project I’ve been working on more slow than steady. In the daytime, when energies are somewhat high, I want to work on it. But having a curious preschooler nearby keeps me from getting out the pins and patterns. The best time for me to sew is when the kids are tucked … Continue reading