It was a cold, January day in Seattle when I walked alone into a church looking for hope. I was 19 years old. My grandfather and best friend’s mom had both passed away the month before. It was my first experience with death, and I was struggling to cope with loss: of love, of purpose, and meaning to life. The church had a guest that night from Jamaica. She worked in the orphanage that the church sponsored there. She spoke about her brush with death and sang for us songs of praise to Jesus.

The songs were touching, but I wondered who was this Jesus she was singing about. All I knew about Him from my limited Catholic upbringing was that He was the guy on the cross, and I couldn’t say His name in vain. That’s it. I bought the cassette tape and started singing her songs. I remember feeling hopeful, but I still didn’t know anything else about Him.

I moved to sunny Florida that year and had forgotten about Jesus with the new change of scenery. Little did I know the Holy Spirit was still pursuing me. He provided a job, for which I was underqualified, where my supervisor and coworker were Christians. My supervisor gave me the Jesus video one day after expressing an interest in attending church. I took it home and was enraptured with the movie. I got to see who Jesus really was. Of course I said the prayer at the end, because I knew I was a sinner and believed in heaven & hell. Little did I know that was the beginning of a life transformation. I started attending my supervisor’s church; her husband was the pastor. The church was different. It wasn’t boring! It took awhile for me to realize I had to submit my life to God. But when I did, he changed it to a life of joy, hope, and purpose.

I now have a great passion for God and a desire to tell others about the same Jesus who saved me.

Cheryl Pugh



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Cheryl, after all these years of watching our Lord grow you up in the faith, your testimony is still captivating to the heart. God’s plan was already in place when you walked into that church in Seattle. He brought you to Florida so HE could begin the work within you that was part of His plan. Your passion for teaching children is inspiring…..I count it an honor to call you my friend!

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