All to Him I Owe




I laid awake gripped with fear and anxiety about my future. I am in so much debt that there is no way I could ever pay it all back on my salary. I am not even sure how I am going to meet my basic necessities. I cried out to to God, because I need someone to save me- someone to swoop in and cover all my financial mishaps. I doubt that is going to happen, because there is a law of natural consequences and reaping what we sow.

However, it did make me realize something about Jesus. My financial indebtedness is similar to my spiritual indebtedness. We are all under so much weight of sin that there is no way we could EVER in our lifetime make good for our sin with God. We just keeping racking up our sins.  A little indulgence here. A little secret there. A big helping of unforgiveness and 2 servings of selfishness, just to name a few. It all adds up. And we can’t pay back God either. We can’t say, “Oh, I went to church 2 weeks in a row. So I’m good for a little while.” Or “I serve in church,” or “I get up early and pray and read my Bible.” Those are all good things. But they don’t cancel out our sin. None of it does. What can wash away my sin? Nothing but the blood of Jesus.

I don’t think
I ever realized the magnitude of my spiritual indebtedness until I became financially destitute. My sin is that great. But this time God did have mercy. He did provide a Savior- Jesus. Jesus came down and took care of all my sin for all time (past, present, and future). He deserves so much gratitude and praise for all He has done.

Wow! Thank you, Jesus, for saving me when there was no way I could save myself. I love you. Amen.









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